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        Overview | Agenda | Speakers | Organizers | Media | Registration Type | Contact | Hotel | Past Events | Chinese
        International Banking Federation(IBFed)
        International Capital Market Association
        China Banking Association
        Financial News
        Shanghai International Culture Association (SICA)
        Shanghai Banking Association
        Shanghai Insurance Association
        Shanghai Leasing Trade Association
        Shanghai Private Equity Association
        PE Association of Shanghai
        Shanghai Venture Capital Association
        Shanghai Association of Financial planner
        Beijing Yicaijin Consulting Co., Ltd.
        Shanghai Caijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
        Guest Speakers in the Past Session(position at that time)
         Ma Delun
         Former Deputy Governor of The People's Bank of China
        Chairman of Banking Accounting Society of China
         Li Jiange
         Vice Chairman of Central Huijin Investment Ltd.
          Ji Yan
          Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Fengtai District
         Chief Executive of the Peoples Government of Fengtai District
         Yves Leterme
         Deputy Secretary-General
         Michael Horgan
         Deputy Minister of Finance Canada
         Marc Uzan
         Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
         Executive Director and founder
         Steven Barnett
         IMF Asia and Pacific Department
         Division Chief
          Bruno E. Raschle
         Executive Chairman
         Chang-Hyun YUN
         Korean Institute of Finance
         Charlie Ye
         Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited
         Managing Director, Head of Global Markets & Co-Head of Wholesale Banking
         Lian Ping
         Bank of Communications
         Chief Economist
         Shen Jianguang
         Chief Economist of Mizuho Securities Asia Limited
         Pan Xiangdong
         China Galaxy Securities
         Chief Economist
         MARK MACHIN
         CPPIB Asia Inc
         Li Mei
         China Galaxy Financial Holdings Company Limited
         executive director and general manager
         YIM Fung
         Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited
         Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
         John Rogers
         President and CEO of The CFA Institute
         Zhang Yuepeng
         Dover Corporation
         President for Asia-Pacific in China
         CCBI Securities
         Chief Analyst
         Cai Esheng
         Member of CPPCC and Former Vice Chairman
         China Banking Regulatory Commission
         Wang Yuxiang
         Member of the Standing Committee
         Vice Mayor of Guiyang Municipal Government
         Wu Caimin
         Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Xiacheng District Committee
         Head of Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
         Lakshmi Venkatachalam
         Asian Development Bank
         Vice President
         Manfred Schepers
         European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
         Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
         Maarten Verwey
         European Commission
         Deputy Director General, Economic and Financial Affairs
         Georges Anson
         European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
         Dicky Yip
         Institute of International Finance IIF
         Chief Representative, Asia Representative Office
         Yang Zaiping
         China Banking Association
         Vice Chairman
         Zhao Juia
         UBS Asia
         Managing Director and Deputy Head of Investment Banking
         Richard Iley
         BNP Paribas Securities (Asia) Ltd
         Chief Asia Economist
         Zhu Haibin
         J.P. Morgan Chase
         Chief China Economist
         Mitul Kotecha
         Managing Director, Fixed Income Markets Research at Calyon
         Head of Global Foreign Exchange Strategy
         Ousmne Mandeng
         Pramerica Investment Management
         Managing Director
         Qiao Yide
         Shanghai Development Research Foundation (SDRF)
         Qing Wang
         Shanghai Chongyang Investment Management Co., Ltd.
         President and Partner
         Gao Zhanjun
         CITIC Securities Co.,Ltd
         Managing Director
         Alan Song
         Managing Partner
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